Dr. Manhattan

Irredeemable fan of The Matrix, its characters, its many references to the SF film industry and Morfeo’s deep philosophical thoughts and biblical lines, when I saw the prospective Watchmen available in the movies, I felt somehow attracted to the idea of  many different characters –superheroes with a defined personality each of them- incrusted on a parallel possible history of the US after the Vietnam War.

Here is what I think of them:

Dan –my namesake- is an example of morality and emotional naiveté, the political correctness: your girlfriend’s father, any father. Adrian –who reminds me of  David Bowie in Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence- represents ambition, beauty and intelligence: 怖いよ-. Laurie is a sexy young woman not especially bright and blind of love and emotion –feminists must feel anger because of this comic-made-movie’s character-. Rorschach’s lunacy is the result of a difficult growing in a tormented sensitive soul. The Comedian is a carpe-diem player, sarcastic and brutal, but lucid. And last but not least, my favourite: Dr. Manhattan, who represents common sense in a planetary way of thinking. He is not human anymore but retains some links to humanity; he reasons leaving emotions aside –especially when he is in Mars- but still practices sex to Laurie; he sees the future and the past, can multiply himself –who never dreamed of that sometime?- and accepts human life and death as a minuscule part of the Universe; つまり、he helps us to put things in perspective.

An interesting two-and-a-half-hour movie, with a lot of action but also a good deal of thinking.

機会があったら go and see it.


Now, me, back to my lesson plans.

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