Polish short cuts


A young and very sick author in the middle of a writer’s block and married “to a toxic woman whom I have never been in love with”; a recently-graduated doctor dealing with his conservative parents and his homosexual attraction for a teenage thuggish punk; an extreme case of catalepsy on a famous actress who is cheated by her husband.

Three intertwined stories with the common denominator of the fear of breaking with dull and unhappy lives represented by damaging relationships: Robert doesn’t believe in words any more and is afraid of dying because he thinks he will be shown in hell how his life could have been if he had run away soon enough from his wife and her family; Adam postpones the inevitable out-of-the-closet confession while he is trapped in a moral dilemma about his lover’s criminal activities; Róza continues cooking exotic and lightly poisonous meals for a husband who deals with her unconsciousness very pragmatically.

Only traumatic events will be able to make them all wake up from their vital Somnolence.

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Literatura, opinión y otros habaneceres, porque habanecer es una perspectiva, un estado de ánimo, un vicio de la memoria

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