A little bit of American ideology


This week I’ve seen myself taken to a couple of Hollywood’s productions and I must admit that they were entertaining and, above all, neuron-relaxing.

For a child or even a young teenager, love is a binary matter, either you love or you don’t, with all its eternal consequences, as simple as that. However, in the adult/erous world, things are not so clear but full of grayish nuances. MUD and his overexposed naked chest, a mélange of Pocholo, Bisbal, and MacGyver, helps 14-year old Ellis to keep on believing in Manichaean existences, in an idyllic and laid-back American South: Tom Sawyer revisited.

It’s always inspiring to realize how thousands of no-face digitalized extras are killed in Hollywood’s catastrophe films, while the protagonist –in this case, a mature but still babyface Brad Pitt in the role of a model father and an obedient husband-, and his whole family end up unharmed (Deus ex machina, as usual), as if their lives were more valuable than the other ones. At least, this The Walking Dead’s longer chapter, WORLD WAR Z of zombie, gives you a good amount of overseas fighting, PG-13 rated flesh and blood, and doesn’t hide its bold political correctness.

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