I’d be lying if I said that I am disappointed because of the once-again failure of Madrid at becoming host to the Olympics. Yes, it’s the city where I was born and where I lived most of my life, but there is a saying which claims that “you belong to where your heart is”. And my heart belongs to Brazil since the first time I went there in 1998. I’ve been to Rio many times since then and it was always great experiences. It’s true that only out of your country you can be yourself, but I’ve lived out of my country many times and it was there in Brazil where I felt more myself.
Let’s analyze the other candidates: Tokyo -already had them in 1964-, a very modern city, but it lacks personality not to mention “Olympic” passion. I think it’s a too mechanized city and short of humanity, with robot-like salary man flooding the subway and trains. However, if Tokyo had won, it would have made real the exotic dreams (manga, kawaii girls, zen temples, etc) of half the world waiting for an excuse to visit the Rising Sun Empire –or what remains of it-.
Chicago, the windy city, is kind of cosmopolitan and cultural but without enough charisma; too developed, too first world, too Western World. And the presence of the president of the U.S. in Copenhagen only made things worse.
Madrid needed an injection of tourism and investment to recover from the brick-bubble crash, and it has the charm of an old but face-washed city and the comfort of a major touristy city. I understand her reaching the final.
But Rio de Janeiro has everything: an amazing physical background with the beautiful beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema, the most charismatic people in the world with a healthy and integrating nationalism, samba and bossanova culture, a still young population, culture everywhere in terms of literature, cinema, music, art, theatre, passion for sports and for life; like many in the country it’s a city that needs to lessen the gap between the middle classes and the poor, and an investment like this would help a lot; and it’s also a decision that recognizes the importance of Brazil and South America in the new configuration of the World (the South now weighs more).

日本残念ですね、take it easy Chicago, otra vez será Madrid, PARABENS RIO DE JANEIRO

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