Contemporary dance-theater performances in Japan are not as big as in Europe or America but still considerable.
This dance company, Dots, founded by an ex-student of some University of Arts in Kyoto, uses sounds -repeating tecno rhythms, classical or just meaningless voices- projected images –shadows, pictures on the watery walls- and organized chaotic movements to wrap the audience into a semiconscious dream. It succeeds, in occasions, like for example when all dancers get together and start a machine-like futuristic choreography; or when two of them performs the fusion of two bodies and souls into one; or when a seductive light and noise becomes a narcotic for a few individuals while some other try to retrieve them. But in some other occasions it’s just meaningless movements and dullness, and your mind runs away for some minutes from the dancers-actors to the beautiful –and cold, by the way- background, to your own thoughts.
No doubt this kind of art? dance? theatre? performance? is a different kind of language, very suggesting and open to many interpretations –as many as the number of people in the audience- but I prefer to attend more traditional ones with spoken intelligent language which not only makes you feel but also to think deeply, and a story-line that allows you some understanding and coherence.

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